About Sean McKee

I'm a casual photographer living in Surrey, UK. When I was a kid my Dad was heavily into SLR photography and I got a ringside seat to the laborious, frustrating yet immensely fulfilling world of dark rooms, liquid chemicals, enlargers, test strips of different exposures, and the awe of watching a previously white piece of photographic paper slowly morph into a finished photograph. 

Digital cameras came out and blindsided me (see the blog page for an article on my first digital camera). After squeezing decent enough photos out of some really terrible point & shoot cameras over the years, I purchased a Canon 10D. Total gamechanger. That was four cameras ago and I'm more in love with photography now than ever. My photos have appeared on 7" record sleeves, in magazines, and on various music websites. 

Rebel Propaganda is my online spot for posting, discussing, and sharing what I've been up to in terms of photography. It also acts as a roughly cobbled together portfolio and image gallery to try and help me score more photography assignments. 


I am hungry for better photography and to develop my skills. I see the value of collaborating with others and so I am always looking to network with other people. Not only fellow photographers but also subjects for potential future shoots: models, musicians, bands, comedians, make up artists, stylists, etc







Rebel Propaganda Photography 
Sean McKee  M: 07590425150 T/IG: @rebelpropaganda